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Maximise your life.   Feel fulfilled.   Light your fire!

The Work vs Life argument is failing. Like a tug of war that for all the energy and strive, gives very little movement. 

Do you feel guilty when spending time at work, focussing on results and giving commitment, yet compromising your health or family time? Or decide to get some 'me time' and feel that you could be out there growing your business or boosting your career instead? Do you sometimes get the feeling of being busy, but cant really put your finger on the impact and meaning your efforts have?

I felt the same way a few years ago, and try as I might, the work-life balance remained a lose-lose effort. I decided to find another way, and read hundreds of books , from neuroscience to psychology to spirituality, trying find a solution. I couldn't find something that was holistic and diverse, yet simple enough for me to use as a 5-minute tool to be able to quickly assess my state of mind and level of fulfiment. 

So I put together the FIRE model after years of working with top CEOs and executives as a coach, and testing it out on them to see if it worked.

It works for many, but not for everyone, so play around with the idea and enhance it to suit your purpose. Please give us feedback on our facebook page here 


As a starting point to use the FIRE model we need to appreciate that our character and personality has been shaped from the minute we were born, with all the genetic predispositions already there.

We therefore need to figure out our minset so that we can both gather why we act and think like we do, before we can start to explore new ways of shifting our mindset.

To light your fire, you need to KNOW why you get out of bed in the morning. If not you will live unfulfilled. Some of us prefer action and adventure, while others seek refuge in the pages of a book. Some love company and others peace and quiet. Understanding ourselves and others will help us direct the balance towards areas that remain empty. They are so, because we continue to do the things we like.

Map out your basic personality in the FIRE Map to figure out your current preferences. If you want to play to your strengths, follow your dominant element. If you want more balance, invest time in the other areas.

Finally, if you want to lead others effectively and help them light their fire, visit our Fire in Leadership page for more information.

Flow is a state of mind that lights up your whole brain

Flow is elusive, magical and improves our performance three-fold when it comes to brain-body connection, problem solving or processing complex tasks and actions.
Flow is a state of pure focus, deep embodiment and a space between conscious and subconsious where your 'self' disappears and your absolute best emerges.

Often described as "in the zone" by athletes or musicians, flow state is the place where we are at our best. 

Flow is elusive, but we know from research and experience that it can be found when we are fully mindful of ourselves. Flow happens when there is balance between our state of mind (focussed), our situation (challenging) and our abilities (stretched). 

To get flow in every day life we need to avoid boredom and distractions at all costs. We need to get out of our comfort zone and feel the excitement of being challenged.
Some ways to find flow:
  • Find a quiet place to focus
  • Don't multitask
  • Do something scary or exciting
  • Try new foods
  • Take the path less travelled
  • Spend time nature 
  • Listen to Jazz or music that is unpredictable
  • Change your routine
  • Do something creative
  • Engage in meaningful conversations

There are many triggers that will increase your chances of finding flow. Just remember that flow states are transient; they don't last forever, so practice getting into flow often. It gets easier every time.

Make an Impact and a difference to others

Whilst we benefit fully from flow, making an Impact on others around us gives more meaning and fulfilment to our lives; whether you make a difference to loved ones, colleagues, friends or the wider community. 
We have one life and we need to use our time wisely. Altruism not only benefits the receiver but also those that give. Chemicals in our brain are released when we do good, boosting our mental health and increasing our wellbeing.

Making an impact requires us to be considerate to the emotional state and material needs of others. It requires us to take ACTION as well as recognise suffering and discomfort.

Our most prized possession is our time, so giving it up to make a difference to others is the most precious gift we can give. But don't stop there; use your own talents as a gift to others, as well as caring about and getting involved in supporting the environment, equalising injustice, reducing poverty and thinking about (if not actively trying to solve) wicked problems.
You can make an Impact by:
  • Being emotionally aware of those around you
  • Offering help to those in need
  • Giving your time to the people that need you
  • Using your talents for good
  • Teach, coach or mentor others
  • Recycle, reduce your carbon  footprint
  • Help your local community
  • Give to charity or causes
  • Be considerate to strangers
  • Never  hold on to power over others
  • Being a great listener

Altruism is the source of goodness in society, and it actually boosts our own wellbeing by caring for others.

Be a Role model in all your responsibilities.

We wear many hats, but often spread ourselves too thin to be any good at these roles we accept. Start by revisiting your commitments and realise that you cannot be everything to everyone. You need to choose. 
Busy people often take on too much responsibility that they then fail to live up to. As a result, we feel guilty, stressed, rushed and incompetent.

We need to make sure that we can live up to the expectations of others and ourselves for the roles we accept. Otherwise we need to say no.

Look at your current roles first, and ask yourself "can i be better?" It may mean more time dedicated to the role, or more learning to refine the skills required. It may be that we just need to give the role our full attention, like keeping your phone off when you are having a meaningful converation with a loved one.

Actively seek out to extend your role to be the best. This is not selfish ambition, but usefulness to those that depend on you. They want the best version of you that you can give!
You should think about being a role model by:
  • Ensuring you are always at your best at work
  • That you live up to your responsibilities as a parent or sibling
  • That you go beyond your job description at work
  • That you say "no" to roles you think you cannot fulfill to the maximum
  • That you are clear with those around you what is expected of you
  • That you use your qualifications and experience to the best you can
  • That you take on responsibilities with full dedication
  • That you take on roles that play to your strengths
  • That you always set the right example

Remember to keep asking yourself whether you will be able to live up to expectations before you say yes.

Never stop learning. Become Excellent at everything you do.

We must never stop learning. We need to get feedback from others as well as learn from our mistakes. Our goal is to be better tomorrow than we are today, at everything we do. 
If we stop learning we start regressing. The brain is like a muscle and it loses strength if we stop training it. If you have a low skilled job you need to find excellence in your hobbies or social activities to ensure your mind doesnt lose it's abilities.

Excellence isn't just about IQ. You need to boost your brain in areas of creativity, language, music and memory to ensure it is a well-rounded and useful tool.

You can also improve in emotional resilience, debate, leadership and strategic thinking. Playing mind games and puzzles are excellent ways of staying sharp.

Altruistically, people will benefit more from your excellence, so you need to spend time sharpening your skills so you can be useful to other. You are also more likely to find flow playing to your strengths, just outside of your comfort zone.
Become excellent by focussing on the following:
  • Read up about your areas of strength to turn them into super-strengths
  • Take the road to Mastery, and practice practice practice.
  • Outsource or delegate your weaknesses
  • Get honest feedback at every opportunity
  • Use brain training apps to boost focus and memory
  • Take on mental challenges or complex tasks outside of your comfort zone
  • Debate, civilly
  • Listen and observe other top performers
  • Hang out with people better than you
  • Learn a language, an instrument, art

Remember to keep your brain in training or it will wither away or grind to a halt!

The FIRE Model takes the complexity of  everyday life and simplifies it into meaingful choices to create fulfilment, satisfaction, joy and meaning 


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